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Blog Posts in December, 2015

  • Cuban Adjustment Act

    For many years, Cubans have been able to avail themselves of a law enacted solely for their benefit known as the Cuban Adjustment Act. The point of this post is not to debate the merits of that law but to discuss the possibilities of its demise, and the consequences of that demise, given changes in the political relations between Cuba and the U.S.. This prospect should be of special interest to ...
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  • Naturalization Should Be Your Goal

    Many people who have been US Permanent Residents for a very long time and qualify for Naturalization are reluctant to apply for various reasons, including language issues. They may feel secure because they have had their green cards for a long time and have never had problems. However, the fact is that while Permanent Residence is certainly a desirable thing, the ultimate goal should be attaining ...
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  • The Schizophrenia of Immigration

    Having practiced in the immigration field for the relatively long period of twenty seven years, first as an attorney with the government, then as an immigration judge for eighteen years, and now as a private attorney, I have often been asked by various people why it is that our country just never seems to be able to get it right on immigration matters. To me, the answer has always been simple, our ...
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  • The Elephant In The Room

    So it appears that we can not any longer ignore the elephant in the living room. He is not leaving. At least, it doesn't seem so at this point. Those who thought he would be gone by now were clearly wrong. He still seems out of place, sitting there in your best chair, too large, too loud, breaking everything around him with every swing of his trunk, impaling the furniture and the drapes with his ...
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