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The Elephant In The Room

So it appears that we can not any longer ignore the elephant in the living room. He is not leaving. At least, it doesn't seem so at this point. Those who thought he would be gone by now were clearly wrong. He still seems out of place, sitting there in your best chair, too large, too loud, breaking everything around him with every swing of his trunk, impaling the furniture and the drapes with his tusks, defecating all over your most prized possessions.

Yes, it seems that Donald Trump may be here to stay. He has trampled over what most thought were American cherished and valued principles. He disregards women's rights, treating them as either inferior beings or, at best, children. He wants to turn this country of liberty and civil rights, or so some thought, into an isolated, walled, homogeneous land, indiscriminately keeping out what he thinks of as the invading barbarian hordes. America with a K.

And yet, every day you hear from intelligent, reasonable people, saying things such as, "at least he is speaking out", or, "he is a tough businessman and will represent us well." Reasonable people who disregard his belittling of women and minorities, even his cruel, sophomoric, mocking of the disabled. His lack of knowledge of important economic, domestic and international issues.

Are we so weak that we are willing to sell our souls in this way? I mean, I get it that you may be tired of politicians, that you hate the present administration, that you hate Democrats, that you feel insecure. And this is nothing against Republicans, many of whom have good, sensible ideas. But really, Trump? It seems it may be so and it seems that the elephant in the living room may soon be handed the keys to the house.

Well, they say that people get the governments they deserve. I thought we deserved better.

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