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Have Immigration Goals? Honesty is the Best Policy.

Being a truthful person is generally a very good idea in life and essential when pursuing immigration benefits. You may hear stories from friends or acquaintances about people who may have received immigration benefits, Asylum, Permanent Residence and even Citizenship, by making up stories of persecution, or by entering in sham marriages for the sole purpose of obtaining a Green Card.

But the fact is that if a person is discovered engaging in this behavior, she or he runs the very big risk of not only losing whatever benefit they received but also of becoming ineligible for any relief in the future.

Having provided false information, or omitted important information, may have initially helped a person obtain a benefit such as Asylum, Permanent Residence, or any other, but that false or omitted information will always be part of their record. That false or omitted information, even though not initially discovered, may come to light at any other time, such as when applying for Citizenship and facing questions by a meticulous immigration officer who, in asking questions about, say, an underlying marriage, becomes suspicious and, digging deeper, concludes that the marriage may not have been real. They can not only then deny the application for Citizenship, but also to recommend that the person be placed in Removal Proceedings with the purpose of taking away their Permanent Residence and expelling them from the U. S.

So run away from anybody who recommends that you engage in such behavior, whoever they are. Better to consult with an experienced immigration attorney to determine what relief you may honestly be eligible for and who can help you to obtain it.

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