Choosing An Immigration Attorney

Choosing An Immigration Attorney

As in most things in life, experience counts. I believe that having served as an immigration judge in Miami, Florida for eighteen years has given me the opportunity to acquire a significant amount of knowledge and experience in the complicated field of immigration law. Every day that I sat as a judge, I faced real life situations involving individuals and families. I had to consider and evaluate a varied amount of facts and legal questions during those eighteen years that I held my position, which I did until I retired in 2011 and went into private practice. Before those eighteen years, I served almost five years as an attorney with the Department of Justice and, before that, twelve years as a litigator in Federal Courts.

As an immigration judge, no two cases that came before me were ever alike, just as every person who now comes to our offices for advice presents a different situation and requires different strategies and solutions. The power that immigration authorities have over non-citizens is quite comprehensive and is often daunting and crushing. Many try to face this juggernaut by themselves and, certainly, some succeed. In most cases, however, people will find themselves over their heads and facing severe consequences.

There is a large amount of advice in the street, a significant part of it bad, even if sometimes, though not always, well-meaning. There are also many individuals offering false or fraudulent solutions to desperate people. These false and mostly illegal solutions may even work for awhile but, most often, somewhere down the road, reality catches up and the hapless individual finds themselves losing everything they have gained.

Our policy at Garcia and Miranda, PA, is to always present our clients with the truth, even if it sometimes means telling them that there is no solution for them. In most cases, however, if there is a solution, with our knowledge and experience, we will find it, as we have countless times for persons who have been told by others that there is no way out and who today, because of our help, are living in this country legally and even as citizens.

So you can choose to follow the advice on the street, or choose to believe the false promises of unscrupulous individuals, or you can choose to get help from experienced and knowledgeable Miami immigration attorneys who offer real hope and solutions, such as myself and my co-workers in Garcia and Miranda, PA. Let us help you, you will be in good, caring, hands.

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